HDR Application

Preliminary note: the Paris Administrative Court of Appeal, setting precedent, specifies that the Council of State has made it clear that "the authorization to stand before a jury, granted by the president of the university […] within the framework of the procedure for obtaining the accreditation to supervise research, aims to verify that the progress of the applicant's work is such as to allow the applicant to be auditioned by the jury and not to assess the scientific value of the work nor to assess the applicant's capacities with a view to issuing accreditation".
The three reviewers are therefore in charge of assessing “the state of progress of the applicant's work” and “the applicant's experience in leading research”. This is assessed through team leadership, supervision of a research program, coordination of a thematic issue of a journal, etc.
Not having supervised or co-supervised a doctoral student is not an admissible criterion at this preliminary stage

Documents to be provided when applying  
These documents could be revised and enlarged before the defense
  • A curriculum vitae highlighting activities that reflect the ability to lead research.
  • A bibliography organized in the usual categories applicable by national and international assessment committees; publications submitted and not yet accepted by a review committee are not taken into consideration.
  • A summary presenting the applicant’s research. This summary may still be in draft form, but it must clearly specify the nature of the results obtained since the doctoral defense and the lines of research developed. The form and content of the summary must follow the practices recommended by the corresponding section of the National Council of Universities. In the Literature and Human Sciences departments, these documents and most publications must be in French.
  • A letter of recommendation from a permanent member of a laboratory at Université Côte d'Azur, who is recognized in the field, is accredited to supervise research (e.g., a habilitation), and will serve as a reference. The garant will provide with a list of experts outside Université Côte d'Azu, willing to examine the application. The proposed list must respect as far as possible the principle of gender parity. The proposed experts may belong to the jury of the defense. The designed internal expert of Université Côte d'Azur has the right of using all or part of this list for the examination of the file entrusted to him / her.
  • For applicants who are not members of a Université Côte d'Azur laboratory, approval of the person who is funding the defense (Graduate School director, laboratory director, team director, etc.).

In addition, when sending the application, the applicant must specify the discipline in which the HDR is requested.

Criteria for accepting an application and sending it to the external reviewers
  • The applicant must have obtained a doctorate at least 24 months prior to submitting an application for HDR.
  • In exceptional and duly justified cases, the University Research Commission, restricted to members holding an HDR, may grant a waiver to this requirement, but the decision must be made by a qualified majority of two thirds of those present or represented.
  • Since obtaining his or her doctorate, the applicant must have published a sufficient number of articles in peer-reviewed journals, in collective works or research literature, and given lectures at symposia with selection committees. The number and type of publication required varies depending on the discipline. The criteria are comparable to those imposed by each section of the National Council of Universities to grant full professorship.
  • If the selection committee refuses an application, the applicant is informed in writing.
Submitting the application

Applications for HDR must be submitted directly to the Research and Valorization Department (DRV) by email ( dir.recherche@unice.fr ), with a copy sent for information to the administration of the relevant Doctoral School. The latter records the application and forwards it to the reviewers who will examine the application.
Applications are submitted to three reviewers, one of whom is a member of the University's Research Commission and two of whom are external to the university. None of them must have co-published with the applicant. At least two of these three reviewers must themselves have an HDR and must be conducting research in a field that makes them competent to assess the application submitted. The two external reviewers send a written and reasoned report to the internal reviewer. The latter, after receiving the two external reports, writes the final summarized report based on the conclusions of the external experts, who may remain anonymous if they wish.
Candidates whose application for HDR has been accepted by the Research Commission are informed by e-mail by the Research and Valorization Department (DRV). Upon receipt of this email, candidates must contact the department of studies (service scolarité) of their home institution to complete their administrative registration. Once registered, candidates must contact their Doctoral School to organize the defense (proposal for the composition of the jury, choice of reviewers, etc.) 
Candidates must register within 12 months of the acceptance of their application.

For more information: http://univ-cotedazur.fr/fr/recherche/informations-utiles/informations-utiles/habilitation-a-diriger-les-recherches

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