Doctoral course work

This page needs a critical update since courses are now organized in ADUM. 

A doctoral student must complete the equivalent of 180 ECTS credits in three years. Course work is divided into three equal parts:
The Doctoral School is not directly responsible for the organization and content of these courses. It serves as a relay between doctoral students and the training center. Applications for training days and internships must be sent directly to the training center.
For more information:
Phone: +33 4 92 07 66 46

The course schedule is prepared for the calendar year. The center also grants credit for supplementary research activities (publications, teaching, professional activity, etc.).

To request additional courses
  • Your elected representatives on the Doctoral School Council are available to collect your requests for additional courses or improvements and are in charge of communicating them to the Staff Training Center.
  • More specialized courses geared toward certain doctoral specialties may be organized by the Doctoral School in collaboration with the research units.
Additional credit
The policy of the Doctoral School Council is to grant credit for any training or scientific production completed in addition to the thesis. Credit is granted at the end of each academic year.


Doctoral courses and corresponding credits (Update March 3, 2020)
General courses (BU, URFIST, MOOC) (20 to 30 ECTS)
  Hours ECTS
MLB01 - How to conduct research for your thesis in Literature, the Humanities and Social Sciences 3 3
MLB04- Overview of digital resources in Literautre, the Humanities and Social Sciences 3 3
MLB12 - Introduction to Zotero, the bibliographic reference management software  3 3
MLB14 - Literature review automation systems 2 2
MLB16 - Scientific writing: a specific type of writing 2 2
MLB17 - Workshop "How to submit a publication in HAL" 2 2
MLB19 - How to manage your digital identity and improve the visibility of your work  3 3
MLB20 - Scientific blogs: online publication of research results and open-access  2 2
MLB21 - Electronic journals: online publication of research results and open-access (gold OA)  2 2
MLB22 - LaTeX   3 3
MLB22 - LaTeX  6 6
MLB23 - How to design an effective scientific poster (methods and tools) 3 3
MLB24 - Advanced word processing for thesis writing  3 3
MLB25 - Publish and promote: intellectual property and doctoral research 2 2
MLB26 - Share your data: challenges, methods and tools 3 3
MLB28 - Organize, record and protect your data on a daily basis 3 3
MLB29 - How to submit a digital copy of your thesis - MANDATORY COURSE*** See note below  2,5 2
MLB32 - Challenges of open science 2 2
Other courses (URFIST)    
*** MLB29 online course for doctoral students abroad: contact at the beginning of the semester.    
*** MLB29: 2 sessions in English.    
Employability courses (20 to 30 ECTS)
  Hours ECTS
Employer brand / Company brand - Priority for doctoral students 4 2
Basic rules of internal communication - Priority for doctoral students 6 3
Basic rules of external communication - Priority for doctoral students 6 3
Start or take over a business after the doctorate - Priority for doctoral students 12 6
Types of companies - Priority for doctoral students 6 3
Support for innovative companies - Priority for doctoral students 4 2
Taking advantage of social networks 6 3
Public speaking 7 3,5
Writing for the web - Doctoral students [Taught in English] 9 4,5
Writing for the Web - Doctoral Students 9 4,5
Preparation for “my thesis in 180 seconds” - Doctoral students 21 10,5
Optimize your time and priorities 14 7
Professional project - Doctoral students 4 2
How to find a job - Doctoral students 9 4,5
How to pitch your project in English in any context 7 3,5
Manage stress to be more efficient 7 3,5
Co-orientation "Define your professional project" (Job@UCA) 15 7,5
Co-orientation "Define your professional project" (Job@UCA) [Taught in English] 15 7,5
Invent@UCA programs (workshops, Demola, studio projects, etc.) 7 3,5
Project management 14 7
Develop constructive professional relationships 7 3,5
How to use the mind map to become more efficient 14 7
Research development 6 3
Innovation and industrial property INPI  3 1,5
Teaching track for doctoral students with a teaching contract 37 18,5
Learn to teach: The learner's motivation - Doctoral students without a teaching contract 6 3
WIMS-Online exercise and assessment tools 3 1,5
Introduction to Moodle 3 1,5
Designing tests on Moodle 3 1,5
Workshop: Peer assessment with Moodle 3 1,5
Introduction to English for research - SPOC Writing for publication 15 7,5
Introduction to English for research - SPOC Public speaking 15 7,5
French as a foreign language for new students 40 20
Basics of management - Doctoral students 12 6
Goal-oriented management and leadership 6 3
Prevent and manage conflicts 14 7
Prevent and manage conflicts [Taught in English] 14 7
Dashboards and management tools 14 7
Develop team cohesion/synergy 14 7
Motivate and involve your teams 14 7
First aid 7 3,5
First aid refresher course 3 1,5
Doctoral students already in a professional situation (credits in recognition of prior learning)    
University language professor (ATER)/associate professor/assistant (provide proof)   20
Middle school/high school teacher (provide proof)   20
Other full-time professional activity (provide proof)   20
Other full-time professional activity (provide proof)   10
Scientific and transdisciplinary courses (30 to 50 ECTS)
Participation in a national scientific day other than a seminar of the host laboratory (SMHS seminar, doctoral day, workshop, conference, etc.) Attendance 2
Communication 3
Organization 4
National conference Attendance 2
Poster 3
Communication 4
Organization 5
International conference (non-French speaking) Attendance 4
Poster 5
Communication 6
Organization 7
Ethics (mandatory conferences organized by the Doctoral School, can be replaced by a MOOC   6
MOOC Introduction to ethics in D1:   6
MOOC Ethics in D2, scientific integrity:   6
MOOC Éthique en D3, science reproductible : Ethics in D3, reproducible science:   6
Doctoral student representative in the council or lab   3 ECTS / an
Lab communication   6
(specify and justify)  
Field work (archaeological excavations, investigation abroad), research agreement with an institution to make observations, etc.   2 ECTS / h (10 max/an)
Publication in international peer-reviewed journal (1st author)   12
Publication in national peer-reviewed journal (1st author)   8
Publication in non peer-reviewed journal (1st author)   6
Conference proceedings (1st author)   6
Book chapter (1st author)   5
Scientific article for the general public (idem)   4
Second author (all categories)    2
Student supervision activity (supervision of M1 thesis or M2 co-supervision) (provide proof)   3
Tutoring or Lecturer >= 64 (provide proof)   15 / an
Tutoring or Lecturer >= 64 (provide proof)   10 / an
Tutoring or Lecturer <32 (provide proof)   5 / an
Courses offered by a Graduate School of Research   1/2 ECTS par heure
Introduction to a scientific software program   1/2 ECTS par heure
Audited master's course in a related discipline, with an attendance certificate signed by the professor and the authorization of the Doctoral School   1/2 ECTS par heure