First-year enrollment



The disciplines in which students can earn a Ph.D. at the Doctoral School of Societies, Humanities, Arts and Literature are listed under the "disciplines" tab.


  • Contact the faculty members accredited to conduct research in the discipline of your choice, and select your thesis topic with the approval of your future thesis supervisor. The Doctoral School provides a LIST of all the thesis supervisors affiliated with its laboratories. Find and contact those with the right expertise as listed in the table of proposed thesis topics. Do not contact the Doctoral School director directly to request application information. 
  • Fill out the application form, which must be signed by the future thesis supervisor and the laboratory director.
  • Submit your application between June 1 and October 31 for that academic year. (Important: remember that some faculty members may not be available during the fall break at the end of October). When preparing your application, make sure to plan enough time to have it signed by the thesis supervisor and the laboratory director. If you cannot meet the deadline, contact the Doctoral School to request an extension.

Applications must be submitted on ADUM :
If you need help in submitting your application: USER_GUIDE_REGISTRATION_Phd student_UCA.pdf
The application must include:

  • A proposal (click here for more information) no longer than five to six pages, presenting the research project, the theoretical frame of reference, the research problem or the main hypothesis/ses, and the methodology, including bibliographical references and a provisional timetable.
  • A letter of commitment from the thesis supervisor approving the thesis topic, confirming that it is in line with the research themes of the laboratory, and specifying the number of doctoral students currently followed by the research supervisor (including the percentage of supervision per doctoral student).
  • A photocopy of the highest university degree obtained before the doctorate.
  • The signed doctoral charter and anti-plagiarism charter.
  • Form confirming registration in STEP (French register of theses in preparation) filled out (also downloadable).
  • The doctoral agreement (this agreement gives an overview of the course work required, and can be modified along the way during the doctorate).

Note: SCANS/PDF documents - Documents created using a software program (e.g. WORD or ADOBE) must be saved in PDF format within that software and not scanned with a printer. Other documents must be scanned flat with a scanner offering good resolution. Photographs of documents (e.g. taken using a phone) are not allowed.

All doctoral applications are reviewed by the Doctoral School Committee and approved by the director of the Doctoral School. Applications are refused if there is any doubt about the scientific value, quality or feasibility of the project.

  • Candidates with a master's degree delivered in France are allowed to enroll if the project shows sufficient scientific quality and if it is financially sound. If the proposal shows theoretical or methodological weaknesses or if its feasibility can be doubted for methodological reasons, the Doctoral School Committee can require it to be rewritten or ask the applicant to come for a second interview to re-examine the proposal. 
  • To be considered for ministerial funding, the applicant must have obtained a master's degree with honors (mention bien). This is not required for a standard application without request for ministerial funding.
  • Applicants who have a master's degree or the equivalent obtained at a foreign university are allowed to enroll if their application is approved by the members of the Doctoral School Committee, who will then award an equivalent French degree.

The committee communicates its approval to the director of the Doctoral School. Applications that have received a favorable opinion are signed by the President of Université Côte d'Azur. You will be notified of your final acceptance by email sent to your personal address and to your eCandidat account. After being notified of your acceptance, you must complete your administrative registration on the website The whole process from the time your application was submitted can take several weeks.


The fees amount to 380€, not including the CVEC (92€, which shall be directly payed on CROUS). The payment is only possible once the PhD project accepted and signed by all parties (when the acceptance letter is sent by ADUM).