Doctoral School Council

(25 members)

*Fabien Mathy, Director of the Doctoral School
Laboratory Directors or Representatives:
Giovanni FUSCO, Representative of the ESPACE joint laboratory
Fanny MEUNIER, Director of the BCL joint laboratory
Marie-Joseph BERTINI, Director of the LIRCES unit
Jean-Paul PELLEGRINETTI, Director of the CMMC unit
*Claudine BATAZZI, Representative of the SicLAB unit
Odile GANNIER, Director of  the CTEL unit
*Philippe AUDEGEAN, Director of the CRHI unit
Isabelle THERY PARISOT, Director of the CEPAM joint laboratory
Swanie POTOT, Director of the URMIS joint laboratory
*Margarida ROMERO, Director of LINE, ESPE research unit
Dirk STEINER, Director of the LAPCOS unit
Jacques ARASZKIEWIEZ, Director of the TRANSITIONS research unit

Christophe CHARLIER, Representative and Deputy Director of MSHS-SE

Catherine DELEMARRE, Administrative Assistant of the SHAL Doctoral School, Staff Representative
Solen COZIC, Administrative Manager of LIRCES, Staff Representative

Members outside the Doctoral School
Fabien BLANC-GARIDEL, Head of the Archeological Department of the Nice Côte d’Azur Metropole
Camille CONSTANS, Head of Development, ALC, Nice
Jean-Christophe MARTIN, Director of IDPD, UCA
François PARIS, Director of CIRM, UCA
Christian PRADIER, PU-PH en Santé Publique, CHU de Nice
Doctoral Student Representatives (2019-2021)
Clarisse GOUDET, Doctoral Student in Philosophy, CRHI
Eduardo FREZET, Doctoral Student in Philosophy, CRHI
* Naoko TSURUKI, Doctoral Student in General and Comparative Literature, CTEL
Fadia HANNACHI, Doctoral Student in Information and Communication, TRANSITIONS
Iva DURDEVIC, Doctoral Student in Information and Communication, SICLAB

* Member of the Doctoral School Council Bureau