Accredited disciplines

List of scientific fields covered by the doctoral school:
DS 6 

HCERES sub-fields

SHS2_3 Anthopology and Ethnology 

SHS2_4 Sociology, Demography 

SHS2_5 Information and Communication 

SHS3_1 Geography 

SHS3_2 Urban planning 

SHS4_1 Linguistics 

SHS4_2 Psychology 

SHS4_3 Education Science 

SHS5_1 Languages / Ancient and French Literature, Comparative Literature 

SHS5_2 Literature and Foreign Languages, Regional Civilizations, Cultures and Languages 

SHS5_3 Arts 

SHS5_4 Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies 

SHS6_1 History 

SHS6_2 Art History 

SHS6_3 Archeology 

  • Anthropology
  • Art
  • Performing Arts - Music
  • Performing arts - Theater 
  • Performing Arts - Dance
  • Ethnology
  • Occitan Studies
  • Geography
  • History and Archeology of the Ancient and Medieval Worlds
  • History and Civilizations of the Modern and Contemporary Worlds
  • Information and Communication
  • Ancient Languages and Literature
  • French Language, Literature and Civilization
  • English Language, Literature and Civilization
  • Spanish Language, Literature and Civilization
  • Italian Language, Literature and Civilization
  • German Language, Literature and Civilization
  • General and Comparative Literature
  • Philosophy
  • Prehistory
  • Psychology
  • Education Sciences
  • Language Sciences
  • Sociology