Associations de doctorants

ANDès is the national association of doctoral graduates. Founded in 1970 and recognized of public service in 1975, it brings together doctoral graduates in all disciplines, whatever their age and their professional status, whether they reside in France or abroad. ANDès has three main missions:
  • Promote doctorates: defend the value of a Ph.D. as a professional experience that reveals the skills of doctoral graduates.
  • Put the talents of doctoral graduates to use in society: remove barriers between professional disciplines by presenting doctoral graduates as mediators, and benefit from their expertise and know-how to meet the challenges of the future.
  • Create networks for doctoral graduates and develop synergies between them: increase the collective visibility of doctoral graduates, help them develop their professional network, encourage interactions between network creators.
Members of ANDès are allowed to actively participate in the association's projects, have access to the member directory, receive the newsletter and job offers, participate in the election of the board of directors and vote in general meetings. ANDès members pay a yearly membership fee. The condition for joining is to have a doctoral degree.

Membership fees:
  • Free: Thesis defended less than a year ago.
  • € 10 (i.e. € 3.40 after tax reduction): Thesis defended less than three years ago or doctoral graduate looking for a job.
  • € 30 (i.e. € 10.20 after tax reduction): Thesis defended more than three years ago or retired doctoral graduate.
  • € 150 (i.e. 51 € after tax reduction): Donating member.
ANDès also runs the network "Communauté Française des Docteurs".   

ParenThèse PACA: Association created on the model of the Quebec association Thèsez-vous? Objective: to offer a collaborative work environment. This association organizes thematic retreats and editorial days.  
Bernard Gregory Association: www.abg.asso. en  

ASSO.EN SIC: Association of students, doctoral students, doctoral graduates and young researchers in Information and Communication at the Université Côte d'Azur (download the association's flyer)
   Contact the association::                                      

Logo Twitter: ENSIC_   Page Facebook : ASSO.ENSIC

President of the association: Mélina Panagos  

The Association of Young Researchers of the Alpes Maritimes (AJC06)
This association holds meetings regularly to prepare events that promote contacts between doctoral students:
Café des sciences, after-work activities, sporting events ... If you have any ideas, come and join us!
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